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  • 19.04.2021
HK democracy leader jailed a second time

HK democracy leader jailed a second time

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Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong has been sentenced to a second jail term of three months for what a judge described as his "leading" role during some of the 2014 pro-democracy street demonstrations.

Wong, 21, and 19 other demonstrators were found guilty of criminal contempt of court because they refused to obey a court injunction order to leave a protest zone in late November 2014.

The protest was part of the biggest populist uprising for decades in Hong Kong and posed a spirited challenge to Beijing's Communist Party leaders in demanding full democracy.
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For more than two months, tens of thousands of mostly student and young demonstrators camped out in tents on major highways, defying government, police and Chinese demands to leave. Umbrellas became a symbol of defiance after protesters used them as shields against police pepper spray and batons.

High Court Judge Andrew Chan said even though Wong only stayed in the protest area for 90 minutes on the day in question, "his involvement in obstructing the clearance operation was deep and extensive. He played a leading role on that day".

"In view of his overall involvement, I am of the view that the only appropriate punishment ... will be one of immediate imprisonment," said Chan.
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Another activist, Raphael Wong, was also jailed, while the remaining protesters, including former student leader Lester Shum, received suspended sentences.
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