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  • 23.04.2021
Kate struggled to leave George at school

Kate struggled to leave George at school

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The Duchess of Cambridge has spoken about taking Prince George to his school and the importance of supporting young children.
Kate, whose eldest child recently started at Thomas’s Battersea in south London, said: “As a mother, just getting used to leaving my own child at the school gates, it is clear to me that it takes a whole community to help raise a child.”
The Duchess was giving a speech at a Place2Be forum on how schools can tackle mental health problems.
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She said: “I believe what you all know to be true, that getting help and support to young children at the very earliest stage helps improve their outcomes later in life.
“Whether we are school leaders, teachers, support staff or parents we are all in this together.
“We are all working to give children the emotional strength they need to face their future lives and thrive.”
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Kate, who is royal patron of the charity Place2Be, had been spending the day at the school leaders forum in central London.
The event will see expert speakers consider how schools can provide practical support to children, young people and their families.
The duchess, who is pregnant with her third child, has attended the past two conferences hosted by the charity.
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Kate has been stepping back into the limelight after suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness.
She is in her second trimester, with the royal baby due in April.
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